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Default Cards for the kids of Blowout

First off I am not talking about kids just under 18 on this board I mean children of the adult members of this board.

I have a bunch of base and low dollar inserts just accumulating on my desk and I was trying to think of a good way to get rid of them. Anyone on here that I have traded with knows that usually just trade for some common refractors for my son who is 5 and have the envelope addressed to him. He gets such an expression on his face when some cards come to him in the mail even though he only knows a handful of players. I thought that what better way to pass on some of these cards but to mail them out to some of the children of the members on this board. I would hope that some more people would join in and help spark some interest for our next generation of collectors.

If anyone interested would just reply to this thread than I think we could have some fun sending some cards out. For safety sake any addresses should be sent by PM, you can't be too careful.
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