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Originally Posted by iluvfish2 View Post
Here is how I'd rank them..keep in mind this is my opinion and since its a free case I'm adding a little more risk

2005/06 UD SP Signature Bskt 24 bx case - Risky Product but if there redemptions are still good I'd roll the dice.

2008 Donruss Americana Sports Legends 10 bx case - Product is hit or miss on boxes, but I enjoyed the 3 boxes of this I've opened.

2008 UD SP Authentic Baseball 12 Box case - Probably one of the top 2 products on the list. A few good hits could be pulled for sure. Depending on the reults of the redemptions for the 05/06 BK Case, this could quickly go to either #1 or #2. I think this would be better for the rookies and/or autos if your wanting current BB players. Americana wins if your looking for HOF and Sport Legends.

2007/08 Topps Stadium Club Bskt 12 box case - Gets my bottom vote, while I like BK, jersey cards just dont sell. There are some nice cards in here, but it doesnt do anything for me.
Thanks for the opinion, I agree with you for the most part. I was just wondering what the odds for a jordon or lebron were as I know there are a lot of $5 auto's. I did good with my 3 box lot from the super bowl promo as well ( I pulled a rose/jackson dual and whitey for auto/10), I like the SPA as well because of the
Yankee Legacy cards (I'm from the bronx so it's a easy sell) ,
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