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Originally Posted by tehchamp View Post
Okay, chill out everybody. I just mailed out some packages yesterday, I'm mailing out a little at a time(I've switched focus to just mailing out the hits for now and the base/inserts later).

As for what we want to do, I told everyone the best I can do. I'm done after February, which will be the last break. Maybe someone can start a poll with which options everyone wants to do. I came on here because I got a text from rconde, and my time has become extremely limited of late.
I am not going to steal anything, everybody will get their cards.
No offense, but a good number of members are ready to be done. It sounds like you are ready to be done too. Let's just do Janary as a "free" break and be done or skip it all together and just refund everyone their piece of the rollover.
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