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Originally Posted by gojays View Post
meh. Kinda crappy imho. Tattoo getting thrown off the ladder through the table was cool, but other than that i thought the main event was mediocre. I was hoping kane or maybe even cena would come out, but apparently not.

Overall the only match i liked was the orton/barrett match, other than the ending ( seriously, orton wins again ???). Swagger/sheamus was good. Hopefully this means swagger will become relevant again.

I was pleasantly surprised by the hhh/nash match, but overall i would only rate it as decent. Way too long a match.

Rhodes/booker was as expected. I really didn't see anything else happening other than cody retaining.

Beth/kelly was pointless. I get that there has to be a diva's match on the card, but why not just have a number one contender battle royal or something like that, rather than another crappy pointless kelly kelly match.

But i've saved the worst for last. The henry/show match was abysmal. What the hell was that?! D-bry really saved that whole segment of the ppv, although i'd still rate it as a 5/10, with the show/henry match getting a 2/10.

Overall rating for the ppv: 5/10. I was extremely dissapointed we didn't see kane, and somewhat disappointed cena wasn't there (even for a promo).
more less agreed waS watching this ppv and dexter/homeland season finales and showtime wins
this one goes out to some of the members

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