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Originally Posted by gatordeve86 View Post
might wanna dig into this ebay seller a little

Dug a bit...saw an older neutral and an older negative, but mostly positives. Any specific reason I should check this guy? He had no cards for sale when I looked.

Originally Posted by gunshowboy View Post
ebay buyer -- king-lebron23
Any more info on this recommendation? His ebay feedback looks all good to me, I didn't even see negatively worded positives.

Originally Posted by ricksam View Post
re BostonNut on jpit5728 ...
seeing usps tracking indicating "delivered" isnt 100% accurate .. ive watched items (2 times) online on the usps site to monitor a valuable card making it's various post office stops .. when arrived locally, then 'out for delivery', then waiting patiently in front of mailbox that very day .. no mail comes .. i log on to see status on and it's marked 'delivered' .. wft???

3 months or so .. still waiting. of course i cant file w paypal (it's marked delivered) - and i dont blame seller .. for more valuable items i ask for the seller to send w 'signature confirmation' which i was told is more certain to be delivered properly
Yeah I held back on jpit for now since sometimes weird things happen with USPS.
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