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Originally Posted by SpastikMooss View Post
Any more info on this recommendation? His ebay feedback looks all good to me, I didn't even see negatively worded positives.
this did not occur to me but i have second hand information on it from CPR9181.

CPR1981 shot me an email guy sent him about this item

card sold on nov 27th. king-lebron23 received card on dec 3rd. sent this ebay message on dec 16th

Dear cpr1981,

Hi, I would either like to return this card for a full refund or I would like some cash compensation. This card is not even close to mint as it has a huge surface scratch about 1/3 inch at the bottom left of the card as you can see in the scan. In your title it says any surface flaws are from scanner or case. I paid a premium for this card being said in auction as "THIS GEM and no surface flaws"... I just bought a graded 9 gold numbered to 50 for $110.00.

- king-lebron23
notice how he references another cards value and seems to have buyers remorse but fact of the matter he has had the card in hand for almost 2 wks before this even occurs...

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