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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
yeah I went with SP signature as well. I was trying to figure out who were redemptions as well, but beckett basketball mag doesnt say any are redemptions, I don't believe that one bit lol. I'm pretty sure Monta Ellis is a redemp, and also Scottie Pippen, their both known to be slow signers. I have no idea about Lebron and Jordan though.
Good luck everyone on their cases.
According to Beckett online Jordan, James, Paul ect.. were live. Here are some of the redemptions

BK Bob Knight/50 EXCH
IT Isiah Thomas/50 EXCH
JE Julius Erving/50 EXCH
LH Larry Hughes/100 EXCH
PP Paul Pierce/50 EXCH
SE Sean May/100 EXCH
SP Scottie Pippen/50 EXCH
TM Tracy McGrady/50 EXCH
But his name is
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