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Originally Posted by GoJays View Post
I'm almost positive this is a prank by somebody, but with all the Internet crap the wwf has put out lately, who knows.

I was checking Skip Sheffield's Wikipedia page, and the letters to "it begins" have been bolted in. Now I wouldn't normally take this seriously, but Ryback did just post a message on twitter hinting he was returning, then removed it almost immediately after.

Who knows, maybe Ryback is actually the one behind the It Begins promos. THAT would be a shocker!
Maybe the reincarnation of Nexus is the thing behind the promos. They never did reveal the bigger purpose of Nexus, which maybe will lead to announcing the anonymous Raw GM... They can have Ryback lead, Otunga is the mouthpiece, Gabriel, Hennig, Husky, Ryan, and bring up another 2 people from NXT/FCW
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