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Originally Posted by ldsports View Post
They just need to give Punk his edge back.....and if Sheffield is the purpose of the Promo that will be a HUGE dissapointment.
Sheff returning as Ryback wouldn't be half as much of a disappointment as an undertaker return would be. Sure all of the "Lil Jimmys" would cheer and begin their 3 month period of worshipping him until he disappears, but the iwc would go insane at wwe's predictability. Sure Skip isn't our top choice for 1/2/12 (lets face it, it's Sting, right?) but I'd give massive creativity points to Vincent K. I mean, who would see a former Nexus member other than Barrett actually in a main event scene?

The ideal situations would be either Sting debuting (which, let's face it, won't happen) or a very cleverly planned and executed John Cena heel turn. Otherwise I see this being a regular return at best.
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