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Originally Posted by wakigatame View Post
Oh my God, are people really starting the "It's Sting!" crap AGAIN? It's not Sting. I'd like it to be, but it's not. It's Chris Jericho. Sting won't work WM XXVIII for the same reason he didn't work WM XXVII - he doesn't want to work a match that everyone knows he's going to lose and let's face it: That's what would happen. And if Sting did show up and was the guy to end the streak, it's a huge 'F you' to everyone who faced Undertaker that could have benefited from winning the match.
I'd have to disagree. I really think it should be a veteran such as Sting to end the streak. The risks of having an up and coming superstar end it are immense. What if they get seriously injured? What if they leave the company? What if they get involved in a drug or suicide scandal? With a veteran, you know what you're getting.

Besides, Sting's contact expires VERY SOON (could have already expired) and he was seriously considering coming to WWE last year.

I don't think these promos are for Sting. I do think, however, he will come to WWE and fight the Undertaker. If not this year, than next year. Who knows? Taker might even take this WM off, meaning it could be another year until he fights again, and Sting may be finished with TNA by then.
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