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File a case and stop petering about.
If you send a message and they respond with such a veiled remark and you are still fishing for someone else to tell you what to do, file a claim and let it go.

Seriously,did you review their past feedback ?

Neutral feedback rating Not in package and wrinkled Buyer:
Member id trformont ( Feedback Score Of 708Purple star icon for feedback score in between 500 to 999)
Aug-24-11 19:00 Feedback conversation
50 New BCW Card Soft Penny Sleeves (2 5/8 x 3 5/8) (#250830541824) US $1.39

Neutral feedback rating ordered 200, sent 50, also repackaged, not new as shown in picture. Buyer:
Member id karlrauch9 ( Feedback Score Of 818Purple star icon for feedback score in between 500 to 999)
Aug-17-11 15:46 Feedback conversation
50 New BCW Baseball Card Soft Penny Sleeves (#250830542358) US $1.25

Neutral feedback rating revcd fast but card holder sleeves were bent up pretty bad. Buyer:
Member id craftsmandk ( Feedback Score Of 85Blue star icon for feedback score in between 50 to 99)
Jul-20-11 09:21 Feedback conversation
(75) 9 Pocket Pages Card Holder Baseball Cards (#260811505073) US $16.99

Those above show it is not the 1st time they have had issues with damaged supplies OR pocket pages.

I see you are new to ebay,and will refrain from being abrasive.
Things happen,true enough, but when buying from ANYONE look at their past neutral and neg feedback and then make a more informed decision
I have paid more for items from 1 seller based on another sellers feedback. I have filed 5 claims in 4 years and have purchased/sold a little over 1300 separate items.
Those are good odds.
Be smart and be paranoid and when it is a seller who cranks out so many items that 20-100 Negatives a month does not effect their feedback, be leery and file any complaints after the 1st reply to a concern in order to get them off of their asses. past experience
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