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Default Blowout Cards UFC 141: Lesnar VS Overeem Promo (CLOSED)

Blowout Cards
UFC 141:
Lesnar VS Overeem

Be the 1st Post to Correctly Guess the Winners of the 5 Following Fights:

1) Phan VS Hettes
2) Matyushenko VS Gustafsson
3) Fitch VS Hendricks
4) Diaz VS Cerrone
5) Lesnar VS Overeem

1) Hettes
2) Gustafsson
3) Hendricks
4) Cerrone
5) Overeem

*In the event of a Draw, both fighters will be considered correct entries

The Winner will receive an Alistair Overeem Leaf MMA Autographed Card ($125 Value!)

2010 Razor/Leaf MMA Alistair Overeem Autographed Card

1. No purchase necessary to participate.
2. In the event of a tie, the 1st post with the correct entry will receive the giveaway.
3. Your entry must be posted in this thread to participate.
4. All picks must be submitted by 9:30 PM EST on Friday, December 30, 2011.
5. You must notify us via email at of your correct entry by 1 PM EST on Tuesday, January 3, 2012. (once informed, we will check your post in the thread to verify)
6. You are not allowed to edit your post or your submission will be automatically void and your entry will be disqualified. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS so please make sure your 1st post is correct.
We reserve the right to alter, cancel or change this challenge at anytime for any reason
7. Only 1 entry per person
8. Most important...HAVE FUN !

Thanks again for your continued business and support !



Congrats to Ironmike1229 who correctly guessed the winners of all 5 fights!


Please email us at so we can send you your Alistair Overeem 2010 Leaf MMA Autographed Card!

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