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Originally Posted by tehchamp View Post
So I just read through the update from about the 22nd til today.
For one, I'm kind of pissed that people were expecting a reply on Christmas Eve/Christmas. Sorry I was more concerned finishing up wrapping presents, having dinner with my family, opening presents and watching everybody in my family be happy for the first time in a very long time.
Now, if you must know the details, last week my fiancee started having seizures when I came home on one of my lunch breaks. I had to call paramedics out to the house, and it turned out her epilepsy is getting worse and she needed to get checked by a doctor. She's currently without insurance right now, and so with our already tight budget we had to pay out of pocket for new medicine that is extremely expensive. To top it off, she has to see a neurologist who will conduct tons of tests to get the right dosage for her.
For the few packages I sent, they apparently didn't have the correct postage and came back to me.

In regards to the refund process, again if that is what majority wants, then it will be done. I also see someone willing to mail out the cards, I will gladly pass on that to someone else.

If everyone agrees, I can at least pick up the cards today, then mail out to everyone or mail everything to BO. LMK
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