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Originally Posted by MasterOfTheDark View Post
I use LordsOfPain. They are really good about their news being accurate.

Check their old news for that stuff (HBK and HHH), was about 2 weeks ago if memory serves.

Speaking of which, they've updated Orton and the whole thing is confusing. Seems the back injury is legit, but he wasn't really "hurt" in the match and it may only be a few weeks off (instead of months). Weirdness.
i second this post. Very goodwith information, results. Even read some of the columns from time to time. They even have their own forum like this for wrestling related talk.

As far as news about Orton, I think it was just speculation at first. When it was first reported, they didnt cite any sources and said he "could miss up to 6 months and miss Wrestlemanie" reports on have it verified as maybe a few weeks.
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