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Originally Posted by tehchamp View Post
Thanks for helping out.

Also, everybody will get their payment. As you all know, I had medical emergencies that resulted in high costs. I dipped into the rollover fun to help support these costs with full intention of repaying back come tax season. I am not about to let my future wife continue to have seizures because I didn't pull money out of Paypal to fund her doctor visit and medication. Same goes for the health of my baby and step daughter.
With that said, please be patient. The money will come.

Some punk ass SIHT right there. I'd give the shirt off my back if someone asked me for it, but to steal with intentions of paying back is still stealing. 25+ people in this group I'm sure others have issues going on financially and personally. I have a heart and I hope all is well with her, but you my friend are as SHADY as they come. I DONT NEED THE 50 bones so take your time as I'm sure you will
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