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How about some end of the year awards here.

Best opening to Raw - Miz vs Rey Mysterio for WWE Title

Worst opening to Raw - Seriously? Rap off (Cole was great, but JR forgetting his lyrics was AWFUL!)

Best ending on Raw - Tough one, but CM Punk's epic promo

Worst ending on Raw - 6 man tag match last week in Philly

Match of year Raw - CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler

PPV of year - hands down, MITB

Worst PPV of year - Extreme Rules. One of the worst in a while.

Title run of year - CM Punk's first run for only 1 hour, because of it's epicness!

Worst champion of year - Rey Mysterio. Remember that?

Worst push of year - John Cena. 3 titles is WAAAAYYY too many.

Worst wrestler of year - Botch Cara, Sin Botcha, Mistibotch. Whatever you call him, he was awful.
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