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Originally Posted by sesmarine04 View Post
Any chance its Brock Lesnar on Monday? He honestly looked like he botched his fight last night and then "retired from the octagon".
Did he even land a single punch last night? It had to be one of the worst fights in a while. Looked like he wasn't even trying. This must mean either:

A: he needed the money. Come on, this is Brock lesnar. Let's get real. If he needed money, he'd find a way to get it.

B: he just refused to actually "fight" so he could retire and jump ship. I don't think he'll be in Memphis on Monday, but I do think a return before WrestleMania to feud with the Undertaker (we all saw the confrontation, right?) with Lesnar actually ending the Streak.

Of course maybe he's telling the truth. Maybe he really is going to leave the public eye for a while.

But come on. This is "The Next Big Thing" we're talking about. He'll be back
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