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Originally Posted by Igman7 View Post
IMO, what is stupid is having Undertaker in any more matches as well as the push that Kane is getting. Time for those two to ride off into the sunset and accept their place in the HOF.
Kane is still physically fit to fight, and IMHO he has some unfinished business with many wrestlers. With the Undertaker it's different. I would've much preferred he retire after WM 26, but he didn't. At this point Vince is just trying to get one final match out of him to make it 20-0 at Mania. Undertaker is in no way physically fit to win a match, and IMHO his win against HHH looked god-awful. HHH was in much better shape, was CLEARLY the better fighter. We will be seeing another UnderTaker match no doubt, and we'll probably see another win, unless it's against Wade Barrett.
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