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Originally Posted by cowboyzqna View Post
I remember laughing when I heard Brock Lesnar was going to try to enter the octogon. I remember thinking "one fight with any mid level competition and its a wrap"

I remember the mir fights and the randy courtere hwc fight. Yea randy was a small heavyweight but that dude was tuff as a brick sammich for breakfast. And brock rolled him.

Mir is one of my favorite fighter of all times... for a long time. But even so part of me had to grin when brock beat the breaks off of him. This guy could have stayed wrasling and no one would have blamed him but he challenged himself... and the heavyweight division. Nearly died in route and for what? For our entertainment? Doubt that. For the money? Nope that man is rich and will be for as long as the lesnar name lives. Its my opinion that he did it to test himself. See if he really is a champion of warrior fighters.
All the respect in the world.
I am not laughing anymore. Brock is a champion.
well said , also the wwe lifestyle is alot harder then the mma lifestyle trust me . the traveling schedule itself is brutal . you just wait and see , if brock go's back to vince he will only be signed on to work on certain shows. there is no way he is going full schedule anymore. for one his health probably wont allow it , and two vince will allow it. he will give brock special treatment , he knows how big of a draw he is .
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