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Like I said in a post a few weeks back everyone knows a RB will have the most rushing yards even with QBs like Newton, Vick, and Tebow. Also a WR/TE will have the most receiving yards even with RBs like Ray Rice, LeSean McCoy, and MJD. Everyone knows exactly who that guy chose, and rightfully deserves the prize if the standings hold up. If you want to dispute it, show me one time a RB had the most receiving yards this season, or someone other then a RB had the most rushing yards this season and you might have a leg to stand on. Hope the guy gets it IMO and congrats to him if BO does decide as well.

In any case the next season is only a little over 8 months away and we all get a chance again. Already planning my picks...LoL.

Take care everyone.
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