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This is what I was thinking too. Kind of unfair, but we all knew what he meant when it comes down to it. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't allow it, but I certainly wouldnt argue if they gave it to him.

Originally Posted by tolrobb View Post
I, for one, am not disputing the order per se.

It's just that with the "winner" not being exact with his response, he left the door open for other scenarios in which he could have "won".

chris johnson leads in rushing, ray rice leads in receiving
ray rice leads in rushing, chris johnson leads in receiving
calvin johnson leads in receiving, ray rice leads in rushing

he had 3x the chances as anyone else. is that fair?

are these scenarios crazy talk? not necessarily, chris johnson caught nearly 60 passes this year and ray rice led his team in receiving.

just food for thought.
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