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Originally Posted by SethMurphy View Post
this site if full of soo many ungrateful, whiny babies... get over yourselves, guess what someone is finally going to win one of the hardest contests blowout runs (for free). guess what they don't have to give anything away ever, but they do because they know its great for business and because they give a damn about their customers.

guess what they don't need to provide this forum for all of you either, but they do because they care about this hobby, they could just sell their product and be happy with the money they make.

grow up, congratulate the winner, if it holds up, and enjoy watching his massive break of all that product. quit complaining because you couldn't win...
I don't think anyone is being whiny.....its just a discussion of people curious if it will hold up...I hope it does....but like other people....I could see something holding it up....and honestly you sound pretty whiny
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