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Originally Posted by deloreanfan81 View Post
i'll admit theres no way in he!! im reading like 15 page so arguments so can some1 sum up the arguement here?!?!? Someone 'kinda' won but didnt?? Some one had the right guesses in the wrong order, which i dont believe it says that it HAS to list in THIS order to count, althought Bball xmas did, or some just put Johnson meaning calvin or andre or even Don (lol) Next year this needs ether air tight rules or some leaway...IMO
Here's your summary...

This is the Promo:

Here's the PROMO:

1. Pick the Player who will have the Most RUSHING Yards in Week 17

2. Pick the Player who will have the Most PASSING Yards in Week 17

3. Pick the Player with the Most RECEIVING Yards in Week 17


mjg06d posted the following entry:

Matthew Stafford
Ray Rice
C. Johnson

The 2 main discussions are:

1) The promo instructions does not explicitly say the players need to be in order...however, the lines are numbered 1, 2, and 3, which would imply an order is needed. Is there a possibility that someone would pick a RB as the weeks leader in Receiving yards?? maybe, maybe not, Forte and Foster were 2 examples of players who catch a lot of passes, also Ray Rice leads his team in receptions. The promo does not state RB that has the most rushing yards, it states player...

2) The poster put in the last player as C. Johnson...Did he mean Chris Johnson, Calvin Johnson or anyone else. Some argue that it should be assumed that it is Calvin Johnson, others say it gave an unfair advantage, because it allowed the poster to have multiple entries, what if Chris Johnson had lead in rushing yards and ray rice led in receiving yards.

There you go in a nutshell...
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