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congrats to the winner, I'm glad somebody won.

This was the last week and the contest wouldn't have gone into the playoffs anyway so even with controversy or whatever you want to call it I say give it to him.

Haters are gonna hate, hey I'm jealous too, but I'm also grateful to BO for doing this and happy after 17 weeks and probably close to 10,000 picks somebody got it right.

To anyone bitching, grow up and show some class! you had your chance to win but you weren't good enough, fast enough or lucky enough to get it right over 17 weeks, so just be grateful you were even given an opportunity. Sure, I would love to make changes to their contest to make it airtight or whatever but it's not my product being given away so I will keep my mouth shut because its not my place to speak up.

good luck next year everyone (if there is one) and thanks again for the opportunity BO!
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