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Originally Posted by GoJays View Post
Ouch. If I didn't know any better, id say you were taking a shot at the WWE. I'd like to see you say that to a guy like Batista, or John Cena. Heck, id like to see you say that to Hornswaggle. I'd put my money on them any day. And to call them frauds? Listen, wrestling isn't necessarily "real", but it takes a fair amount of strength to lift someone double your weight and be able to execute a move.

And if you really think wrestling is that "easy" and just rolling around in the ring, search for Mick Foley on YouTube. I have my doubts anybody in the UFC would actually agree to be thrown off a 20 foot cage and go through an announce table, or get tackled through a table on fire.

Before you call it simple and mock it, think about the skill involved. You couldn't walk off the street and pick up a 500 pound giant.

Ha, I came back to post about Overeem's chances against a technician like JDS and I see this nonsense So because some dude like Cena is all juiced up that means they can actually throw hands and more importantly, take a punch in your mind ? How do you know what I could or couldn't do when I was their age ? I'm 42 so no, I couldn't be a wrestler today. When I was in my 20's or even 30's I wouldn't bet against me slamming a 500 lb dude especially since he's helping me when I go to scoop him up. No need to get all mouthy and question me because I don't worship who you do. If you idolize almost naked dudes play fighting then so be it. Sorry but as someone who strength trained for years PED free I can't say I have a whole lot of respect for guys who take short cuts. Are many of them tremendous athletes, absolutely but don't tell me they're not more sideshow than substance. A guy I grew up with went to some old retired wrestler's school probably before you were even born but quit after he had to get his jaw wired for the second time. When stuff like that happens it's more accident then intentional. Taking falls on a nightly basis bangs you up a whole lot, I get it but getting your face punched in for 12 rounds like a boxer or going 5 rounds in the cage are far more grueling and respectable to me than guys taking falls. Those guys go in knowing the ring knowing the other guy is really trying to hurt them, not the other way around.

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