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Default Help with E78 1910 Boxing Cards

My father-in-law gave my son 6 old boxing cards, and I thought they were cool and just threw them in my "vintage" 3-wide. I had a couple of buddies over to the house to trade the other day, and showed them the boxing cards. They thought they are fairly rare, so I started researching them.

I think they are 1910 e78 boxing cards. There is no branding on the cards, and it says "twenty five prize fighters" on back.

I found some information online where it says this set was tough to find. I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with this set. Were there any reprints made? Are they worth sending off to PSA for authentication/grading? They are in decent shape, I'd guess 4-5 or so.

I took pictures of them, I have 6 in total, and they are below.

Thanks in advance for any information. Short of taking them to "Pawn Stars", I figured this was the best place to start!

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