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Originally Posted by Zerokruel View Post
I bet you he was getting limited or his policy compliance was getting low, so he did this as a last measure to save his account.

It would be something that ebay needs to look into. You really can't have sellers threatening to sue buyers over negative feedback.
regardless of the reason, its pretty pathetic.

...and for the record i tried to contact this guy about it when i received it and my impression was he could care less and was slow to respond. I had to send several messages to get a response. I don't like to leave a negative for anyone...if you check my feedback left for others, I had a similar problem with another seller and left him 2 positives and a neutral instead of a negative because he was nice about it. I leave honest feedback either way, I pay for all of the stuff I purchase, I try to be a good seller when I list things, I'm not out to cause anyone a problem.
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