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did your son get a perfect score on his SAT's?

edit: i didn't ask to be creepy or anything, i think it's awesome. i came within 90 points myself, back when it was 1600 of course. was one of the first things that came up when i looked you up on google.

Originally Posted by Sidthekidc87 View Post
Me and my son use the same desktop computer, and all of our usernames, ranging from twitter to facebook to gmail to my work email are Sidthekidc87 - why? Because its easy to remember

I have been a police officer in the mount laurel police department, my mother is a former police office, who now works for the philadelphia defense supply center and works for the national defense department.

My 3 cousins all are cops for Medford

I am part of a family of government and police officers.

Anyway, I really urge everyone to stay away from this guy
the fact that we exist, in a universe of sheer randomness, is scientific proof that there are aliens.
we are the aliens.
i can say that with 100% accuracy.

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