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Such an obvious scammer. He tried to get me to trade me with one of his fake cards in his fake photobucket for my Rodgers photobucket, but I smelled it right away.

I told him the only way I'd do business with him is if we do it through paypal, since he has no feedback. Then says he's got 100 percent ebay feedback...I stated that the ebay account might not even be his. He said we can both send at the same time with signature confirmation, which would be the most secure way of doing things. I told him 'LMFAO@that' and I wouldn't trust him in a million years to send with no incentive.

He didn't reply to that. I asked him why we can't do the trade via paypal to protect both of us, then he says his paypal account is 'broken.' I told him that's quite unbelievable considering the ebay account he links to can only accept paypal (and has several items listed). Then gives a BS long-winded excuse about him paying his wife due money via paypal (LOLOLOLOLOLOL) to her account, and it got limited access.

Looks like he's just spamming every single high end FS/FT thread on here looking for bites.
Oh man, this guy is a jackass. I hope you get personal justice, since he's so close to you. Seriously, makes me sick.

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