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Originally Posted by JDK16 View Post
question.. most sites have a 8 hr bump rule..this site is so bust that an hour or sometimes 30 mins after u post a b/s/t it is on page 2 within 3 hours its 3 pages deep and no one will see.. could we possibly consider a 12 hour bump rule so you can post something in morning then if no hits bump it once for the nighttime crowd,,just a suggestion and this should also cut down on thread bumping violations
I agree with this. I know others are saying that it buries your thread faster but that's not the whole picture. I think an 8 hour thread bump rule would be much better for everyone. Sure your thread may get buried faster but it allows you to expose your sale/trade to different groups of people in the same day. Not everyone is on at the same time. Some people are on mostly during the day at work and spend most of their evenings with the family, while others just get on in the evening after work. If your stuck in a 24hr cycle it really limits the different groups that visit this forum every day. Like it or not, there are a ton of members on here that don't use the search feature to find cards for sale so that eliminates nothing. I am a member of another site that has an 8 hour cycle and you get alot more exposure=sales/trades.
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