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Originally Posted by stumpfreeman View Post
I understand what your saying, but not all of us can be online at the perfect time to bump our threads with such planning. Lowering the bump rule is not about being a bump fiend, it's about having more chances at exposing you thread to more people, even if your not online all of the time. What is the harm?
I agree that the B/S/T threads and only these should be changed to 8 hrs. If you are trying to trade for cards to fill a set it is very difficult to do it when you can only bump the thread once per day.

There are way to many threads being started that have absolutely no benefit but to make someone feel better about themselves for wasting others time, and this quickly pushes relevant threads to the back of the bus.

As we all know, not many exercise the search function so to say they can just search for these types of threads doesn't fly.
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