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I didn't do too bad. I am willing to trade most slots for paypal or teams.

B1P1: Cleveland Indians
B1P2: Baltimore Orioles
B1P3: Milwaukee Brewers
B1P4: Boston Red Sox
B1P5: Toronto BlueJays
B1P6: St. Louis Cardinals

B2P1: Houston Astros
B2P2: Cincinnati Reds
B2P3: Oakland A's
B2P4: Pittsburgh Pirates
B2P5: Chicago White Sox
B2P6: Chicago Cubs

B3P1: Kansas City Royals
B3P2: San Diego Padres
B3P3: Los Angeles Dodgers
B3P4: Philadelphia Phillies
B3P5: Los Angeles Angels
B3P6: Colorado Rockies

B4P1: Texas Rangers
B4P2: Cincinnati Reds
B4P3: Atlanta Braves
B4P4: Los Angeles Dodgers
B4P5: Oakland A's
B4P6: Washington Nationals
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