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Default Parts of the eTopps program to shut down

Parts of the eTopps program to shut down

January 11, 2012 at 8:05 AM

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Contributing Editor

After a decade in existence, the eTopps program looks like it will be ending.

Collectors will still have access to their cards and will be able to continue to trade and sell, but Topps announced in a letter on the eTopps website it will no longer offer new cards.

There has been recent unrest over eTopps with the rise in shipping prices. Now comes the cancellation of at least the football program.

In a letter, the company wrote:

“Dear eTopps Community,

Thank you for participating in this year’s NFL football release as well as your continued enthusiasm for eTopps card offerings over the past ten years. Moving forward, we no longer plan to offer new cards each week. For now, we will continue to offer weekly catalogs and a baseball fantasy game, and we will maintain trading, selling and shipping services for eTopps cards.

The shipping and handling rate increases announced on December 20, 2011 are now in effect. Additionally, at this time, eTopps rewards points will no longer be redeemable for shipping and handling charges.

We look forward to sharing new digital developments with you in the future, and thank you for your support of eTopps.

The Topps Company”

It’s unclear whether the baseball program will continue. Topps has not returned messages at this time.

There has already been disappointment over the eTopps service because of the rise in shipping prices. To get one card delivered via UPS, it would cost $12.75, then $1.75 for each additional card. Overnight charges start at $24.75. The cheapest option is through the US Postal Service, which would be $6.75 for the first card and $1.60 each additional card.

Since 2006, the number of weekly offerings by eTopps declined over the years. Baseball went as high as more than 130 cards in 2006. In 2011, just 45.

More than 1,000 baseball cards have been issued under the program. Closed to 900 football cards have been issued with the high-water mark coming in 2001 with 147 cards. In 2011, just 37 cards football cards were offered. Basketball has had close to 500 cards, but ended in 2008, and hockey lasted just three years (2001-03).

Collectors who held on to their cards hoped to see their cards’ value go up, but that didn’t happen to many of their holdings. Only the big name stars in their respective sports – Albert Pujols and Derek Jeter (baseball), Aaron Rodgers (football) - saw any type of marked gain.
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