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Originally Posted by danmecum51 View Post
Hey guys just an update. Since getting my divorce I moved out of state and started a new job with BNSF railroad. I am going to be moving around a lot in the next few years so I most likely won't have a ton of ttms to report. My ex wife said that there was about 20 pieces of mail at my old house and that she tossed them all ha ha oh well.... I guess... I might do ttms using my parents address and just pick up the mail a few times a year.... give me something to do. Anyways, things are great in my life so i cannot complain. I've got a great job, and have been out dating so that's fun he he... I will keep you guys updated.... any big returns lately? Any surprises?
Glad things are working out for you! Have to say I have really missed seeing your posts! LOL!

I Love My Family, The NY Jets & Autographs...Lots & Lots of Autographs!!!
TTM Autographs make getting the mail FUN!
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