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I ordered 3 cards from eTopps in 2010 and was very happy. Favres SuperBowl (helmet off running) and 2 Rodgers Rookies. Came right away, I believe 3 days. Since then it has been all down hill. I ordered 5 of the 2011 Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl Champion cards and a Lombardi mini back in February 2011. Initial availability mail date was March 2011, then pushed back to June 2011, then pushed back to August, then pushed back to November, then made 'available' in December, but when I called them last Monday they said they were having 'printing issues' from December and that the cards should be available by the end of February.

Not holding my breath...which is a shame because they're great looking cards!!!
Always looking for ANYTHING Aaron Rodgers!!! (especially oddball items)
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