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Default Biggest Pull of My Life RNH Black Diamond MUST SEE!

Just like my buddy Troy (DaFish) put up a little bit ago in the hockey talk section.

I guess I'll start with the story first... So I went to my LCS today for a box of Black Diamond. I picked a box out and asked the dealer to open another box so I can get 3 packs. Right after I take my 3 packs this other guy starts rippin some packs and he opened 14 all together. He hit both quad diamonds and a Malkin Cup Ring card, then he left. Now this left only 7 packs and I was trying to decide if I wanted to open anymore. After about 20 minutes passed I decided to try and see what else was left because I knew there had to be something. I took 2 packs to start. The first pack was all base, then the pull of my life came out of the next pack. Once I saw the card and flipped it over I told my dealer that I owe him big time and I was shaking when I pulled this beauty. Also, Troy(DaFish) and I are basically the 2 big hockey guy's in the area so I just want to give him a big shoutout because he has been great to me over the years since I first started this hobby and if it wasn't me pulling that card I wish it would've been him. It's people like that and hits like these that make the hobby so much fun.



I don't know if I'll be selling this yet but I will be taking offers.


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