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Originally Posted by Tyler View Post
It is my personal experience in all of the cards I ship and receive. If you sandwich the cards between 2 pieces of cardboard it shouldn't ever have any problems.

Maybe the post offices were getting more strict on it, but so what? It's already got DC on it when you drop it in the mailbox. The windows clerks are the 'rule' enforcers, and they'll never see your package anyway.
I had a buyer tell me on another shipment (not from me) they got charged the difference in postage for Priority shipping because the package wasn't 3/4" thick and had DC (Priority doesn't have the 3/4" requirement). I went on the eBay boards and others reported this happening as well. I never had it happen to me, but I started using the peanut to avoid the issue. I was just curious if you got some official word otherwise.
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