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Yeah im hoping this product is as good as the last, obviously it 'should' be better. I had a good run from ufc cards.. i sold all of my stuff in 1 shot.. but i always watch ufc.. gotta stick with what my interests are. Biggest Ufc pull I had was a Champs book card 2/3 ( extra hit redemption ) of brock lesnar which was prolly my best pull/sell to date. Not gunna discuss numbers or anything.. but yeah.. Series 4 was good to me.. knockout served up a good plate.. then title should just got me not that interested.. i did pull a jose aldo redemption for a Jumbo mat relic/auto out of 10. that went fast..

Since they so cheap compared to hockey for cases. I might as well test my luck.. moment of truth has book cards as well.. Seems to me tho alot of sports are coming out with the book cards so they're not so hard to come by anymore.

knockout 12 tho.. ill have to save some coin for sure.. or hopefully hit something good with a hockey case or 2 then just keep trying to reinvest.

Alot of group breaks too now i've noticed.. maybe i'm just that new to the game but.. stl sportscards -Mike.. he's all good with what he does.. I'd trust him to go halfs on something instead of a bunch of guys doing a team random and you know.. split it down the middle.. or if the big hit is pulled.. put it back into cards, once the investment has been made back.. anyone interested in something like this?
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