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Originally Posted by lexus2903 View Post
I agree tthomas but we knew that in the TD break but it wore on people spending $50 each month to get nothing or minimal hits. That's why I brought up the idea of pitching in a jersey or auto or 2 for people who get shut out. Just a suggestion.
I still don't know about that. We are saying give the something from our PC if we are the lucky ones getting the big hit?

People don't ask for something in regular group breaks if they don't hit anything. (at least i don't)

I say we find 32 members that are willing to spend $50 a month and are in for all 12 months no matter if they hit something or not. IMO, This is a risk that we take.

But like i said, i'm good with whatever the group wants, but as long a we vote on it.
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