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Morgan is essentially the same kind of fantasy player as Jason Bartlett (or Fred Lewis / Coco Crisp if you'd prefer... just without even their modest HR numbers). If you have a DOMINATING lead in your power stats and need steals bad, he might be useful as he won't bring down your teams AVG. He'll bat around .300 and steal around 20 bases if given enough AB's. But he's got absolutely no power (7 HR total in almost 2000 AB's in the minors) and in the Pirates lineup, he's not likely to produce much for RBI's or Runs in the long term either (maybe 70 R, 35 RBI if he plays regularly all season). So yeah, if your roster has the power numbers to absorb Morgan's lack of production in these categories, and you need the steals, then leave him in there. But I don't really see any reason to keep a guy like him over the potential of a player like Jay Bruce and certainly not over the more proven and well-rounded commodity of Shin Soo Choo.
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