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Originally Posted by kakman View Post
Agree with wheels. And are they planning to use stickers?
From Brian Gray himself posted in another forum:

They will indeed be stickers.

Unlike our competitors, our premium products do not have 3 gazillion versions of every card (i.e. Triple Threads). For this reason, our very low numbered cards are truly short (not artificially short).

When we work with players, they demand a single signing when we are doing the small quanitites we are. In addition, many times these player opportunities (i.e. a RARE guy like Piazza) come on mega-short notice with absolutely no time to print cards. In addition, it allows us to develop a checklist as we go and not be forced to exclude great opportunities when they pop up.

Overall, I can sum it up for you... Our tiny print runs are great, but come at a cost.
We have to use unbelievable flexibility to facilitate doing the size deals we need to to keep costs down and make items truly limited.

I am not a fan of stickers. You guys know this.
I do on-card whenever possible.
Hopefully, you know by now that I do not use stickers out of laziness (as I know some companies do).

I only use stickers when necessary.

Leaf is striving to go on-card with as many sets as possible (and to a large extent we are succeeding).
I would guess that sets like Pop Century and Legends of Sport are going to be stickers until that time we are ready to sacrifice value/quality of names to do so.



So.....upper deck, Donruss, and now Leaf have tried to imitate Sportkings, yet ALL THREE have used sticker autos.

I wonder why Dr. Price can have 100% on-card autos without all the excuses, and the others cannot?
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