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Originally Posted by bookyyyyyy View Post
Will blowout give a discount because we are ordering so many cases? If so it may lower the cost per slot.
I'm almost certain that they will. We could definitely see slots lowered a couple of dollars. They have given me breaks on 1 case breaks before so I'm assuming we will get some, provided the prices on the 2011 stuff doesn't shoot up prior to the season.

Originally Posted by jakeytehpirate View Post
I'm posting so I can keep an eye on the thread. May be in for a spot or two once it starts getting closer to full... Awesome concept by the way. I think multi-year will make it quite interesting...
Thanks, I really like some of the older stuff, but I think it would be hard to fill a break exclusively with 06 draft, 09 chrome etc. I'm hoping we fill as I would love to bust some of this stuff. There is some great potential in all of it. The Snake Draft should get everyone at least three picks. dachman set one up with the 11 draft and I thought it was a great concept, so of course I wanted to go over the top with it and mix in some of my favorite years of Bowman.
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