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Default 2011 Totally Certified Football 12 box case hit draft

Given the growing popularity of Totally Certified Basketball, I think that the football release might get some legs, too.

This is a hit draft break of a 12 box case of 2011 Totally Certified Football. There will be 74 slots: 72 hit slots and 2 base slots, including parallels (boxes 1-6 and boxes 7-12). Any additional hits will be randomed off between all participants. Any HRX cards will be considered hits that will be draftable. Since this is a draft break, I reserve the right to join for a couple slots as well.

Once the break is filled and everyone has paid, a mod will random the list three times at Slot holder number one will have first pick of any of the hits, base slots or parallel slot. Pick two will have second choice and so on until all the picks are made. The case will be broken at a date to be determined and the draft will start the day after the break. The break will be live on and recorded for those who cannot watch it on break night.

Each card will be scanned and listed prior to the draft. Each person will have a one hour time limit to make their choice. If that time limit has passed and the choice has not been made, I will make the pick based on the most valuable card available in my estimation. I will make that list prior to the draft starting. If you do not feel like it is accurate enough for your liking and you think there is a chance that you will not be around for the draft, it will be on you to pm me a list of hits that you would like.
Also, the break will most likely happen on the Saturday of the week I get the case with the draft starting the following day. Depending on my work schedule (i.e. if I can bug out early enough) I might be able to break the case on the Friday of that week and then the draft would start on Saturday. I'll know more once we've paid up and the shipping info is given to me from Blowout.
And, like I figured, due to Panini's pricing requirements, we were unable to get a discount from BO. But that shouldn't matter too much since I'm banking on this being one of Panini's best products of the year and prices will be higher rather than lower once the pricing freeze is off.

Box one hits

Box 2 hits

Box 3 hits

Box 4 hits

Box 5 hits

Box 6 hits

Box 7 hits

Box 8 hits (Aldon Smith redemption)

Box 9 hits

Box 10 hits

Box 11 hits

Box 12 hits

Default draft list:

Draft order

1.Brandt504 Tony Romo gold auto 13/15
2. bigshow1058 Andy Dalton rc jersey auto 3/200
3. Pejarox7620 Hakeem Nicks emerald patch 3/5
4. spamtyhd Andy Dalton rc jersey auto 9/200
5. nvious23 (from EJames) Jake Locker rc jersey auto 276/299
6. zepzoso Julio Jones rc jersey auto redemption
7. txmike Stitches in Time quad jersey White/Smith/Strahan/Ware 91/115
8. spamtyhd Ryan Mallet rc auto jersey 5/299
9. underdog25358 AJ Green Certified Futures patch 46/49
10. jcimorel Ryan Mallet Certified Futures patch 19/49
11. DizzyDSki Desean Jackson gold patch 36/49
12. doobypenguin Joe Montana Heritage collection jersey 32/200
13. underdog25358 Brian Hartline gold auto 3/15
14. mr_yoshi_san Titus Young rc jersey auto redemption
15. underdog25358 TJ Yates rc auto 124/299
16. spamtyhd Stitches in Time quad jersey MoJo/Rice/Turner/Gore 80/150
17. Andrew Jones Leonard Hankerson rc auto jersey 16/499
18. blakvelvet Jim Brown Heritage collection jersey 54/249
19. zepzoso Alex Green rc jersey auto 329/499
20. mke2003 Aldon Smith rc auto redemption
21. mke2003 Aldon Smith rc auto redemption
22. Andrew Jones Marcell Dareus rc jersey auto redemption
23. Falcons_Fan Base boxes 7-12
24. mr_yoshi_san LaQuan Williams gold auto 22/25
25. Brandt504 Jerry Rice Heritage collection jersey 177/249
26. underdog25358 Jerrel Jernigan rc jersey auto redemption
27. bcl1607 Brian Hartline Piece of the Game patch 15/49
28. JeffN Mark Sanchez prime jersey gold 18/49
29. txmike Warren Moon Heritage collection jersey 145/249
30. gr8azn Jordan Todman rc jersey auto 192/499
31. pch_1427 Jake Locker Certified future jersey 67/499
32. Andrew Jones Jamie Harper rc jersey auto redemption
33. duchie Mark Ingram Certified future jersey 440/499
34. zepzoso Roddy White Piece of the Game patch 4/49
35. zepzoso Tandon Doss rc auto 275/299
36. jcimorel Marshall Faulk Heritage collection jersey 91/249
37. Monsters Prince Amukamara rc auto 228/299
38. mke2003 Ryan Mallet Certified future jersey 152/499
39. duchie YA Tittle Heritage collection jersey 113/249
40. peterose4hof -Base boxes 1-6
41. spamtyhd Matthew Stafford Piece of the Game jersey 128/148
42. oldgoldy97 (from Harris2033) Larry Csonka Heritage collection jersey 115/249
43. duchie Matthew Stafford Piece of the Game jersey 25/148
44. zepzoso Aaron Williams rc auto redemption
45. Monsters Shannon Sharpe Heritage collection jersey 40/249
46. u_want_my_cards KJ Wright rc auto 163/299
47. duchie Joe Flacco Piece of the Game jersey 73/199
48. nvious23 (from EJames) LaQuan Williams rc auto 287/299
49. oldgoldy97 Irving Fryar Heritage collection jersey 170/249
50. nvious23 Mason Foster rc auto 136/299
51. JeffN Chris Johnson Piece of the Game jersey 53/149
52. bballer Von Miller Certified future jersey 119/499
53. nvious23 (from EJames) Torrey Smith Certified future jersey 278/499 (via pm)
54. bearsfanfl Randall Cobb Certified future jersey 79/499
55. callieanne10 Steven Ridley Certified future jersey 410/499
56. hickson#21 Tony Romo jersey blue 24/249
57. oldgoldy97 MoJo Piece of the Game jersey 38/172
58. callieanne10 Shane Vereen Certified future jersey 368/499
59. mke2003 Matt Cassel Piece of the Game jersey 17/149
60. zepzoso Jahvid Best jersey blue 113/199
61. bigbluecolt93 (from nacowboys) Larry Fitzgerald jersey blue 124/249
62. mke2003 DeAngelo Williams jersey blue 187/199
63. eriktrader Anquan Boldin jersey blue 227/249
64. hickson#21 Matt Cassel blue jersey 107/249
65. badsims Vincent Jackson Piece of the Game jersey 10/149
66. mke2003 Brent Celek Piece of the Game jersey 134/149
67. underdog25358 Clyde Gates Certified future jersey 67/499
68. oldgoldy97 Chad Greenway Piece of the Game jersey 30/149
69. Falcons_Fan Ryan Torain jersey blue 192/249
70. bcl1607 Clyde Gates Certified future jersey 11/499
71. DizzyDSki Chad Greenway Piece of the Game jersey 93/149
72. oldgoldy97 (from Harris2033) Cortland Finnegan Piece of the Game jersey 36/149
73. Andrew Jones Clyde Gates Certified future jersey 97/499
74. DizzyDSki Anthony Fasano Piece of the Game jersey 87/149

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