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Im glad I was able to help spread the word!

This is my Vote:

29 Slots which will get Randomized prior to each break that will decide our Draft Order.

That will give us $1450.00 Each Month which will allow us many options in regards to what we break.

I still believe we should random off all hits from Teams that where not drafted between the participants that went hit-less for the break. I think that way we limit the chances of someone going hit-less for extended amount of time.

All Hits/#ed Cards/Inserts/Rookies will be shipped shortly after the break and if at any point the participants wants their Base they can work out the shipping with our Host.

We attempt to use all funds available leaving little to know rollover

Majority Vote decides the Case Every Month....(No Bitch*ng!)

*If someone bails without a legit excuse they get a Negative from the Host
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