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Originally Posted by lexus2903 View Post
Thanks but without you guys this break won't happen I'm just a part of it. Not to mention all the help from pico04.
Here are the prices I got back from Chris.

2011 Topps Supreme Football 16 box case - $1360
2011 Panini Limited Football 15 box case - $1500.00
2011 Topps Prime Football 12 box case - $1350
2011 Topps Triple Threads Football 9 box case - $1450

Supplies best pricing is on the site
Questions and comments:

Question 1: How many hits per case of these? Only one I know is the Supreme, which would be 16 hits per. I prefer more bang for the buck which increases the chances of a hit per person to kick this off but hadn't considered the supplies issue until now.

Question 2: How are the supplies setup on Blowout? And what sort of supplies are you needing?

I just bought from this seller last week and received my purchase of 250 bubble mailers for 22.76 DLVD:

justpoundsandounces | eBay

Considering 29 people times 12 months we are looking at needing a max total of 348 Bubble mailers if you sent something to everyone every month. I almost want us to go with the cheaper supreme this month so that we have the supplies each month in hand and get past this and it seems like that's the best option to me.

Question 3: Did you see my offer to take two spots per month. Worse case for me is I have a $100 commitment to this group to satisfy which would be a box a month pretty much. If not that's cool with me, not sure what your thinking.

Question 4: Are we taking backups? We probably should have 3 on the ready in case someone can't break in a given month.

Thought...I see a few more people signed up for this. I think we should be good to go for the 29 teams idea unless my math is wrong. My vote is this and helps everyone. The 29th pick gets four teams. The last pick gets 4 teams no one wants and increases the odds of getting something. I don't want to mess around with randomizing the hits for those hit less, too much work to me to random etc. Everyone eligible for this..If you get the 29th pick you get the 4 remaining teams unpicked (Picks 29, 30, 31, and 32) and anything that comes from it. It's a reward for getting the worst teams. Probably wont be worth much but its better then a kick in the nuts when you get pick 29 right?
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