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Originally Posted by gator-chomp15 View Post
As with some others on here, I am a little leary since being burned by thechump but am interested in joining if their is a spot. My biggest hold-up now is if this is going to be random or draft. Wanted to get some opinions.

I understand that the draft adds a little time and their will be people complaining about their team if they don't draft in time but those people will find something to complain about regardless. As someone who is more interested in collecting for my pc rather than reselling, I hate randoms. The chance of getting a team you actually want is very small compared to if a draft is done. Also, if you only have 28 members, you don't have to decide ahead of time which teams to leave out. You just leave out the four that did not get drafted. If any hits come from those 4, you can random, or have a 29th spot that gets the 4 undrafted teams.

Anyone have any other opinions on this?
I think we have already progressed past this point and are just looking for people to join under the format we have in place.
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