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Originally Posted by Bigbadbloom View Post
I think we have already progressed past this point and are just looking for people to join under the format we have in place.
His post does bring up something we haven't discussed I've seen fudge up a break a time or two.

This is a team drafted break. We need to establish now that there is going to be a time limit for drafting. One break I was in recently didn't have that auto pick rule in place and slowed the draft down by days. We should be reasonable about auto drafting of course but per the rules of the forum we would have to establish the auto drafting rule before we start a break, not during. I think 3 hours time limit is enough for drafting personally. As someone who's been auto drafted in the past I know it can suck but I also know when that happens you can trade teams etc. and fix the issues. My point is that this has to be established before the break, not during it.
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