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Originally Posted by lexus2903 View Post
It looks like we are back tracing a little here. Addicted I did see your offer to take 2 slots to help this move along since it stalled a bit but since then people have come aboard so I only have you down for your 1 original slot.
I have no problem doing the 29 slots I just need a majority vote as thoughts keep getting thrown out there.
If we are just doing the 29 slots we are at our max and have 1-2 back ups already.
I have no problem breaking whatever. I prefer the high end and Supreme is nice with the chance of getting something really nice.
Are we back to random or draft?? I thought most wanted random but it seems now people are switching to drafting??
Can you PM everyone or setup a poll to what they want as far as random or draft & what product.

I'm good with Random or Draft.
I'm good with Supreme
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