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Originally Posted by Jenkinssssss View Post
Favorite cards in the bucket

I'm just getting back into cards, last I was an 80s kid trash collector. Here are my favorite cards submitted by ya'll.

1. Gretzky OPC - a holy grail from my heyday. The trade to LA might have made a few other Southern boys watch some hockey too I'm guessing.

2. Gale Sayers Topps Reserve? Auto - simple, yet elegant and I have no idea what set this is from. He sure was a beast and I've only read about him.

3. Jr - can't wait to see what mine look like when I visit my parents next. Hopefully they're still there (the cards, not parents). I may even have a sealed factory set in my closet (insert coming out the closet joke).

4. Eric Hosmer 2011 Bowman Chrome Base Auto - I need to get a few of these since there aren't refractor /500 or blue autos plus the whole short printing issue. Hosmer a top 10 fantasy 1B this year? 1B really sucks even though "experts" say it is deep. Side Note - draft Mike Stanton in every league possible even with a 2nd round pick; Win.

5. Cam Newton Freshman Fabric Dual Relic Auto - the most exciting player in the NFL - CAM GOING HAM led me to my first FFB Championship in a longstanding keeper league (12 team ppr, 2 keepers). Wife let me keep half the $ and I bought the Harper, Arenado, and Bubba. Drafting Peyton at 5.1 right after he returned to practice was my best pick ever b/c I added Cam after Week 1 for a mere $8 FAAB (100).
I liked the commentary! and I hope my Cam yields a 9.5, does Beckett even give 10's anymore?! lol
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