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Wow, this threads been dead for a while! I'll get the ball rolling for tonight's raw. My predictions:

Cena gets beat down by Kane and gets made out to be next to dead (because we know he'll "overcome the odds" and beat him at the rumble).

Ryder becomes less relevant and continues to lose his loyal fanbase.

Cm punk/John Laurinaitis feud heats up and becomes the top feud on raw as Ziggler becomes an afterthought in the match.

Swagger will do more for the us title than Ryder ever could as the Guerrero stable becomes extremely relevant and starts main-eventing each and every week.

Y2J doesn't talk, but hints ever so slightly who he'll be fighting at wrestlemania.

Michael Cole proves why he's the voice of the wwe.

The main event will be a tag-team match or a contract signing for the 38th straight week.

That should get the ball rolling!
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